Carlo Di Pinto
Carlo Di Pinto
a seminar on the techniques of Blue will follow with Joe Pisto (guitarist of Maestro Andrea Bocelli). In that year he attended Ricky Portera's summer Rock School in Rome (Lucio Dalla, Stadio, etc ...). He attended the seminars of Maurizio Solieri, (Vasco Rossi), and Saturnino (Jovannotti), of Francesco Di Giacomo voice of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, of Marco Manusso (Francesco De Gregori). He attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where he studied rock guitar with Maestro William Stravato.

He graduated in modern guitar at the Music Academy. He attended several seminars and guitar masterclasses with Steve Vai, Carl Verhyne, Luca Colombo, Massimo Varini, Stef burns, Marco Sfogli, etc. He is selected at the San Remo Academy (San Remo lab) with pieces of his composition. Seminars will follow with Franco Mussida, Roberto Gauldi, Mara Maionchi, Massimo Cotto. He is currently an ENDORSER OF: ESSETIPICKS, MAMA PICKUPS,, REFERENCE CABLE, DOGAL STRINGS and Mezzabarba

In 2012 he took part in the Second Hand Guitar at the Assago forum in Milan with essetipicks. He performs the masterclass in Music Schools: THE IMPORTANCE OF MODERN GUITAR IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC.

In 2013 he plays the first Second Hand Guitar of the south in the grand Hotel of Salerno with Loveri and Essetipicks, and becomes a teacher of modern guitar at Il Cielo Di Carta in Trani.

IN 2014 he played at the SHG in Naples as a Reference and Loveri demonstrator. Start a live tour with the historical guitarist of Lucio Dalla RICKY PORTERA and play at the first edition of ELETTRIKA GUITAR FESTIVAL in Rome. Take part in important events such as Medimex and Bari Guitar Day in the city of Bari. He participates in the SHG in Milan with Reference and Masotti and shares the stage with the guitar greats; Stef Burns, Giacomo Castellano, Riccardo Onori, Steve Angarthal, Ciro manna In the same year a strong friendship was born with the American guitarist Rob Balducci

In 2015 he began his collaboration with Spaghetti Guitar Tools. In the same year he started his solo project named GUITARBOY TRIO PLAY JEFF BECK flanked by Josè Fiorilli, historical keyboardist of Ligabue. Subsequently he won the scholarship in modern guitar at the degree course at the music academy of Bari

In 2016/2017 he makes a tour in all the music schools of southern Italy carrying around his masterclass and confers the EQF BTEC university level 5 In the same year he turns all the music stores in Italy together with the company DOPHIX

In 2017 he graduated in Edinburgh from the UWS university in music technologies and conferred the EQF university level 6

In 2018 he studied to take the second level academic master in songwriting

In 2019 he becomes the guitarist of metal band Asphodelia

He currently teaches modern guitar in the Lavello Studio crypt, is the artistic director of numerous events, works as a session man and plays live with his projects: Ricky Portera, guitarboy trio, funky monks, guitarboy solo project and Sereka
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