Xvive T1 Golden Brownie Demo By Carters Talk Tone


I feel like I need to be up front with you on this one. At this point Ive been working with Xvive about doing reviews and demos of products they send me and are in the talks of an endorsment / artist deal. And by the sounds of the terms, it seems like its mostly just helping them spread the word and help revamp product manuals and descriptions. So with all that being said, I’m not going to only point out positives for this and future Xvive products. I’ll do my best to keep the reviews honest.

Now the review. I was very shocked at how nice the Golden Brownie looked when I opened the box. It definitely looks nicer than any import company mini pedal. The pedal housing has a bit of a texture and the knobs abviously arent your standard bland black knobs. As far as tone, Over all, it does a good job at trying to sound like a JCM 800 BUT is a bit more compressed than some are used to. A buddy pointed that out when he tried it and he has a bit more experence with actual Marshalls than I do. Im more of a Vox guy…

Out of all the settings I messed around with, some of my favorite settings were anything with the gain under 12 o clock. I realized after I filmed on my day off that I didnt mess around with the tone and presence knobs in the video as I did on my own. So a part 2 video may get filmed soon.

Over all, I liked it beter than some other “Marshall in a box” pedals I’ve used. Could be the extra compression, or it could just be that Ive never had much luck with getting the Marshall tone I had in my head. This got close, but it’s obviously no 100w tube amp…



Video Demo:



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