Glenn DeLaune

Artist Bio: Glenn DeLaune

Classically trained at the age of five years old, Glenn DeLaune started on a musical journey that to this day is still taking him down many roads. During the 1980’s and early to mid-nineties Glenn fronted the rock band GANGSTER. They toured the US with many nationally known acts such as FOREIGNER, 38 SPECIAL, DAVID LEE ROTH, KANSAS, BTO, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, FOGHAT and others. Glenn has five self produced albums under his belt released on the Divine Recordings record label. The albums musical styles range from Contemporary Christian to Smooth Jazz to Jazz Fusion and Glenn’s latest release “Road To Redemption” is a Blues extravaganza! Performing all of the instruments on this project he has stretched the boundaries of his creative talent.

In 2011 Glenn was offered a permanent spot in The Music of The Eagles Symphony show that is put on by Windborne Productions. This group of extremely talented musicians travels around the world playing with different Symphonies. Glenn is also affiliated with BMI as a songwriter and publisher with a catalog of over 250 original songs to his credit.

Glenn is very excited about working with Xvive Technologies and XVIVE pedals and he helps to make all the demos for each XVIVE pedal and uploads the demos to his Youtube Channel one by one! Glenn’s Youtube Channel has over 4.1 million views and over 12,000 subscribers. Now he has finished V1,V2,V3,V4,V8,W1 and W2. If you subscribe to his Youtube Channel you can view all of the Xvive demos. More new videos on XVIVE pedals will be coming….Here is his web page:

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