Rick Bozzo

Artist Bio: Rick Bozzo

Rick was born in the entertainment capital of the world, Burbank, CA.  Rick has toured and/or recorded with a wide variety of artists including being the featured bassist with the Glendale Symphony Orchestra (Bee Gee’s Music) in the Sabu Rhythm Section.  Rick started his music career with Meatloaf in Popcorn Blizzard and Meatloaf Soul opening up for groups such as The Who, Pink Floyd, and Alice Cooper.  Rick was later to become the bassist in The Frost.  Rick toured with super star Ann-Margret, Angel (later to become Angel Guiffria).  Rick also played bass/piano on hundred’s of song writing demos for Screen Gems, Gold Hill Music, and Warner/Chappell Publishing.
In addition, Rick appeared on MTV, VH1, Merv Griffin, Dinah Shore and Friends as well as The Mike Douglas Show in Hollywood, CA.   Most recently Rick has been playing with Rod Stewart Show tribute band featuring legendary performer, Rob Caudill.  In his spare time, Rick donates his time teaching and Playing benefit concerts for the Wounded Warriors, The Diabetes Associate, and Cancer victims.  Rick also devotes his time to helping up and coming artists.

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