Jamie Mallender

Artist Bio: Jamie Mallender

Jamie Mallender is a session musician and recording artist who has played bass with members of Black Sabbath, Saxon, Bad Company, Argent, The Kinks, Steely Dan, T.Rex, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Quireboys, The UK Subs, Venom and many more. He has toured the world and can be seen playing regularly with The John Verity Band, The Paddy Maguire Band and his own project - Jamie Mallender's Swear Box.


Jamie has his own signature Xvive mini pedal - The B1 Bass Squeezer, which he uses live and in the studio alongside many other Xvive pedals.


Quote from Jamie: "I've worked closely with Fischer Mao from Xvive Audio for the last couple of months to bring to the bass guitar world, a bass compressor which is better than any of the competitors pedals, for a tiny fraction of the price and very easy to use. Not all bass heads are into pedals and that's cool, but if you're going to use only one pedal on bass, use compression. Most bass players know that compressionis hugely beneficial to them, experiment with it but aren't sure whether they're getting it right. It's not easy and takes some tweaking and learning. There are many pitfalls, and often the pedal ends up getting cast aside. So what we're bringing you here is a pedal so easy to use that it will make you wonder how you ever coped without it. From subtle to extreme, use it as a boost or as a subtle on all the time type effect, overdrive circuit engaged for in your face bass monster heavy riffing, off for that sweet even compressed sound. Xvive Pedals are high quality at a super low price, in a tiny box and very easy to use. Don't be conned by high priced

boutique pedals, this is the pedal you need. In fact, it's so awesome that even if you don't play bass you should get one, just to have one because it's a bargain."


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