The Commander-in-Chief

Artist Bio: The Commander-in-Chief

Norwegian 7 string guitarist, singer, songwriter in Metal / Hard Rock / Classical music. Official Ibanez artist , playing the prototype Falchion 7 string, the only of its kind in the world. Also endorsed by Laney Amps, EMG pickups, Audix microphones, DR Strings, Levy´s Leathers, PreSonus and Stonecastle.The Commander-In-Chief has been a guest on major TV shows. She has been featured in major music magazines all over the world and on newspaper front pages. She has played several major festivals and in 2014 she performed at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and the NAMM show. Her historic guitar recording and video of P. Sarasate´s "Zigeunerweisen Op. 20", never before recorded/played on guitar, wasfeatured in world leading Guitar World Magazine and was on their Top 10 viral videos of 2013 list. It got more than 20 000 shares online the first 48 hours! It was also the first every professional recording with a cooperation between a metal guitarist and a classical guitarist. The single charted on number 1 on ITunes Classical chart in Norway. It also charted in many other countries. 

Metal Hammer UK featured her as "one of ten modern guitar gods". Total Guitar Magazine said this:"It's a sad fact that when you think of shred guitarists, the majority of them will be men. Enter The Commander-In-Chief, a seven-
string-wielding uber shredding female who's ready to melt faces and shatter stereotypes. This Norwegian Metal maiden has her eyes set to command and conquer the masses."Revolver Magazine featured her as "The hottest chick in Hard Rock". 

Her Demo "Battle for the Mind" from 2010 and her official debut EP "Evolution" (2012) both received outstanding reviews
and The CIC was praised for her innovative and catchy songwriting, advanced guitar playing and unique vocal range. 

She has twice been nominated for "Best Metal song" by Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2011 and 2012)
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