Yoshi Gish

Artist Bio: Yoshi Gish

Yoshi Gish has been a hard working, traveling musician for the past 22 years. After much effort and perservearance, he is now reaching his dreams of touring the world and playing his music for the masses, playing over 250 gigs a year. No audience is too small or too big, as Yoshi has played for many different kinds of grass roots venues and events, as well as in larger settings. Yoshi is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, vocals, ukulele, drums), where he is often stepping in on bass duty for bands like Global Decay (Bipolarcore-AltMetal), Virginia Rose Band (AltRock), Tucker Creek (SouthernCountry/CountryRock), Faustian X (Southern Rebel Rock) Shameful Tastings A.K.A. "HERO-ChinChilla'z" (Raunchy Reggae/ShaggleRock), and TranKQuiLL (Grunge/AltRock). Yoshi has created a style that is unique and engaging, where he crosses fluidly over a variety of genres in his live performance. It might be the nostalgia of the songs, or his natural charisma on stage, that has audiences in all types of venues moving to the music. His chops on the guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums set him apart from others, as he is able to fill multiple roles when playing live as a solo artist, or as support for other bands all in the same show. Through playing originals that highlight his roots in a variety of genres, and playing covers from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins to Violent Femmes to Tool, Yoshi's original music reflects these influences in a clever amalgamation of styles to tongue-and-cheek malformations. 

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