Jay parmar

Artist Bio: Jay parmar

Jay is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, teacher, guitar builder and YouTuber.

His playing has graces numerous albums and stages over the years and he was signed to Steve Vai’s record label. Jay now writes, records, and produces music from his studio, Sacred Sound, in Brighton, UK.

Jay’s guitar brand, Spirit Dance Guitars, are a uniquely combines his love of art with form and function of guitars. The instruments are beautifully hand crafted and individualised to each owner.

He is also a prolific YouTuber, having two weekly shows, Lynch Lycks in which he teaches how to play in the style of guitar virtuoso George Lynch; and Guitar Guru TV, in which he reviews product and shows helpful guitar tips and tricks. Jay is also a much sought after guitar teacher and he does one-to-one lessons from his studio and via Skype.

Jay uses the Xvive’s excellent U2 guitar wireless system in the studio and on stage.

You can find out more about Jay at:

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