Alan Nahuel Iarussi

Artist Bio: Alan Nahuel Iarussi

Alan Nahuel Iarussi, borned  in 1990 in the city of Santa Clara, Buenos Aires, Argentina started to play guitar in my childhood, at 13 years old, inspired by Guns and Roses and Stevie Ray Vaughan.He bought my first acoustic guitar and took some private lessons with a local teacher who  taught me the basic chords. 
He started his career on stage at 15, playing in a blues band with fiends. Later, he played in a couple of rock bands. He always is a self-taught person, learning from my favorite albums, books and clinics. He loves all music styles, many bands and guitarists, but the two guitar players that had the biggest influence on my playing have been Guthrie Govan and SRV. 
Nowadays ,he is spending my days gigging, teaching guitar and writing music. He is  also studying for a degree in Music Education specialized in Jazz Guitar

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