Louis Metoyer


Artist Bio: Louis Metoyer

My name is Louis Metoyer. I was fortunate to have played guitar for many Artist's. 

I'm a musical chameleon that loves experimenting with various guitar sounds & musical scenarios.

I’m a lead guitarist that has performed on Multi Platinum hit CD’s with more than 33 million copies sold, World Wide. 

You can hear me with the 4 Non-Blondes, Macy Gray, Terence Trent D'Arby, Belinda

Carlisle, Hillary Duff, Roger Daltry, Bobby Brown and many more. 

lf you include the various TV appearances, TV-Movie / Soundtracks & World Tours, I've enjoyed entertaining 100's of millions of people over the years.

Personally, I enjoy many styles of music, but with the Rock Classics being "Etched ln Time", I felt it necessary to build a Sonic Bridge from those great hits, to the hits of the Future. 

I'm presently performing my original Rock & Roll Music by taking all those genres and great experiences, and carefully cultivate them into the Sonic Force that drives my band today. 

We are currently performing around Los Angeles to some very Passionate Responses, Enthusiastic Encores & Generous Reviews about our shows.

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