Anıl Yazar


Artist Bio: Anil Yazar

Anıl Yazar is a Turkish Musician born in Adana. He discovered his music talent while trying his neighbor’s classic guitar. His neighbor thought him the melody of “Güllerin İçinden”. His father was playing all kind of records at home. His father played The Beatles - Pink Floyd - Queen - Barıs Manco and many other classic rock records.

Anıl started playing electric guitar at the beginning of high school. He had electric guitar lessons for 6 months and then kept going on improving himself. He was highly influenced by Greenday and Blink182 at the beginning.

However Stevie Ray Vaughan became his idol after he discovered Blues Music. While he was searching of SRV's back ground. He discovered Jimi Hendrix - Albert King - Freddie King - BB king and many other blues artist. He is lately influenced by John Mayer. – “I learn a lot of things from listening him”.

He got his first Stratocaster in 2008. He listened all kind of music other than blues and punk rock. Like old school rap - metal - electronic - country - progressive....

He is also interested in Electric guitar equipment. Amps guitar pedals pickups strings cables... everything about sound.
Now he is playing with Bands around his hometown. And he has also making guitar videos for YouTube. Editing and making videos his another hobby.
- “I don’t separate music styles. I think there is no "bad music type". Every kind of music type has something to discover and add algorithms to the musicians’ brain.”


Below is the link of Anil's Youtube Channel, please Enjoy!


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