Artist Bio: Shrap

Shrap was founded in 2011 in Kolkata, India, by Saptak Dey. Before Shrap, he startedhis journey with the band Antimsanskar as a vocalist, song writer, and rhythm guitarist.Saptak founded the band with the objective of representing a new, thrashing sound to the heavy metal music scene in Kolkata, India. They used to perform many old school death and thrash metal songs of Slayer, Sepultura, Six Feet Under etc.

Due to difference in musical preferences, dedication & other creative elements, the band couldn't survive for long. But Saptak, driven by passion, came up with a even more monsterous sound with the band- 'Shrap'.

The meaning of the name Shrap is 'The Curse' in Hindi, which complements the characteristics and genre of the band quite well. Shrap has a very Thrash Metal inspired sound, this band took a very bold step considering the current popular music culture in India.

Shrap has been participating a lot in their local music scene, from winning numerous prestigious Rock and Metal competitions across the country of India, to headlining and performing in many Rock/Metal shows and festivals from it's inception until date. With a heavy burden of social and financial challenges that the band must face, they have been focusing to make a mark in the Metal scene of India. As the band philosophy, dedication, hard work, and perseverance never fails to pay. In 2014 the band succeeded to release their first demo album to be officially released under their record label Power bacK Productions as an official EP. The band has already received several reviews and comments on this demo from different critics, musicians, websites, and magazines across India, and many parts of the world.

According to Saptak, the other 3 members of the band play equal roles, if not more; for theirdedication, devotion and creative contribution in the releases of their recent demo as well as in their seek to grow their recognition.

Most Rock/Metal bands cannot deny some kind of influence or inspiration in their music. Shrap's influences and inspirations are from the bands that they look up to as Heavy Metal icons, like Sepultura, Slayer, Soulfly, Mashine Head, Ektomorf, Megadeth, Kreator, Exodus, Destruction, Sodom, Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Suicidal Angels, Havok, and artists like Max Cavalera, Rob Flynn, Kerry King, Zack Wylde, Chris Barnes, Andreas Kisser, and many more whom they see as Heavy Metal gods that spark their inspiration and motivation in their music.

Shrap believes that without the help and support of their fans, media, organizers, and record label, many Rock and Metal events, it would have been impossible for them to reach this far in their journey towards success. They also want to express their heartfelt gratitude to Power bacK Productions to release their first EP, and their official video released August 15h, 2015. They are proud and thankful to all the endorsed brands for the quality and dependability of their instruments, which help Shrap excel in their performance and creativity.

After three years if diligent work, the band now enjoys a growing fan base from all over India, and reaching an online fan base of 5000+ of Metal heads on Facebook alone! Their true dedication, high energy, and growing success got them their record deal with the label Power bacK Productions based in Louisiana, USA, who will be supporting them in continuing their success and beyond. Now Shrap has taken a huge step towards growing their fan base internationally outside their home country. “The journey has just begun, there's a long way to go!”-Shrap 

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