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Artist Bio: Steven Jones

Steven Jones is a trailblazing producer and podcaster, whose media vehicle Rocking the Valley has put the Lehigh Valley arts scene on the world map. Steve’s entrepreneurial abilities have created a system that is clocking in several hundred thousand views a week, and growing, making other established media channels taken notice. Steve received the Outstanding Internet Broadcast award from the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association in 2016 for his media efforts, and has garnered multiple outstanding ratio personality nominations. Steve works hard to showcase musical talent that deserves to be seen and heard, and has proven that hard work and diligence in the media world can pay off. As a musician himself (keyboards for 50+ years), Steve has an eye for spotting talent, and it’s producer-artists like him that help to propel fellow musicians closer to the goal of being a successful artist. Steve is now using and incorporating Xvive Audio products in his back line and promotional efforts, where musicians, sound engineers, and many others will get hands on experience with the products. 

To view Steve’s broadcast, or to learn more about how a musician can be featured on Rocking the Valley or in one of his many projects.

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