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Artist Bio: Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen, aka Kyle 7K was born to be a musician. Raised in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa Falls, Iowa in a home that blasted Black Sabbath, KISS, and Night Ranger while his father played along on the drums, it was inevitable that what the future would become. It was solidified when he watched Prince’s “Purple Rain” and later heard the sound of a pick slide through a distorted guitar amp on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball.  Active in live music for over two decades, he has shared the stage with many globally known bands including Mushroomhead, Combichrist, Cold, Hed PE, American Headcharge, Static X, Celldweller,  members of Slipknot, and Dope. He is also a trained audio engineer and producer, certified by Avid (Pro Tools), Waves, and many other audio companies.  Kyle currently plays with his industrial metal band “September Circle” based out of Des Moines, IA and also produces for a local rap artist. He was once reviewed by a small independent record company as “The Trent Reznor of the midwest” for his unique blend of electronic and rock music. September Circle is currently recording their 3rd album and prepping for their first national tour in the spring of 2018. Kyle is also getting his foot well into the door of music for media, communicating with several companies about using his solo music in TV, sports, and video games.

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