Igor Henrique


Artist Bio: Igor Henrique

Igor Henrique, guitarist, born on February 22, 1996. He has an entire volition for music, in spite of n?o ter nenhum parente musician.

 Learn to play self-taught. You have several bands like: Calima, Rude Star, Mr.Crowley, DIGITAL 13, Wild Roses (Atual), Bandits and Power Vision (Atual).

 Tocou in pubs, bars and big show houses, like Blackmore (SP), Fofinho (SP) and dedicated exclusively to music, as professor of guitar and viol?o in music schools and private classroom, and também, as guitarist freelancer we finais of the week.

At present, he is a Bachelor of Music in Unimes - Universidade Metropolitana de Santos and is part of the Music Class - e-shop of Instrumentos Musicais (Loja de Instrumentos Musicais) and Samuel Soares (Luthieria). E support of AllTechPro - official importer XVive e Wake-make Sound - transport bags.

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