●Dynamic ‘Wah’ effect while playing rhythm
●Cool, Funky, Twangin’ ‘Wah’ tones created with single note solos
●Double peak envelope sweep filter 
●Great for guitar or bass
●Quick auto-reset envelope for even rapid fire playing
●Innovative circuit for an incredibly responsive envelope performance
●Slow/Fast toggle switch
●Sensitivity/Sustain/Depth controls
●Excellent dynamic response
●Simple, easy to use design
●100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
●“Effects on” indicator light
●Original XVIVE tone
●Micro pedal package – very small and compact
●Durable all-metal housing



True Bypass
Slow/Fast toggle switch
Sensitivity/Sustain/Depth controls
Analog Design
Connectors:  ¼” Input jack, ¼” Output jack
Power: 9V DC, center (-)
46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H) 
1.8 in (W) x 3.7 in (D) x 2.0 in (H)
Compact, rugged meta  housing


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