U3 Dynamic Microphone Wireless System

Wireless Type
The 2.4 GHz band is optimal for microphone wireless units, and approved for use worldwide.
Other Applications
The U3 works with XLR dynamic microphones and battery-powered condenser microphones.
Audio Frequency Response
20Hz – 20KHz (-3dB). Depends on the microphone type and input signal.
Working Range
90 feet. Actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
Dynamic Range
Battery Life
Up to 5 hours
Delay Time
5ms latency; Simultaneous broadcast on 6 channels
Turns your favorite dynamic microphone into a wireless mic!
Designed to make professional dynamic microphones wireless, the U3 features audiophile sound quality, stable and reliable wireless transmission, and flexible and portable functionality that allows for use with a wide range of microphones. The U3 is suitable for live performance, recording sessions, theatrical productions, public speaking, outdoor use and more. It even works as a wireless unit for active loudspeakers!



Easy to carry, easy to set up, plug in and turn on the power to make your microphone wireless


For Home Studio
With high quality digital audio conversion technology, you can make your most authentic voice. Whether in a studio or live performance, you can get the voice that meets your needs. Make Your Truest Voice.
Live Performance
Live singing, speech, Video interview, music studio and other scenarios, you can experience the convenience of wireless system.
Make Any Active Loudspeaker Wireless
U3 wireless system like 90 feet of audio cable with a reliable wireless connection. you to send audio to any active loudspeaker into wireless. faster setups, The Stealth Wireless system quickly creates a robust, invisible connection from the output of your live sound mixer or DJ rig to the inputs of your active loudspeakers.
For Dynamic Microphones With DSLR Cameras
2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Dynamic Microphone system For worldwide,As a personal or professional video team, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless wherever you go.


How To Use U3 

In-Ear Monitor Wireless System
For Condenser Microphone Wireless System
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